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Mining is a notoriously dangerous industry with unique needs in terms of infrastructure, equipment, and safety precautions. Side-by-side utility vehicles, in particular, require a great many special features in order to ensure safety and maintain durability in the course of everyday task work. In years past, mine utility vehicles were simply pickup trucks or bare bones mobile devices used to move people and equipment. Now, mine utility vehicles are in a unique class of their own. Here is a look at how certain technological advances have made today’s mine utility vehicles (specifically side-by-sides) safer and more fit for the workplace than ever before.

mine utility vehicleIndependent suspension

Mine utility vehicles must be able to traverse extremely rough terrain underground. Independent suspension and engineered suspension bushings help absorb shock, control movement, and maintain ground clearance, even when the vehicle is fully loaded. This means that these vehicles can navigate through rough terrain while still providing a smooth ride for passengers and materials.

Run flat 12-ply tires

Mining utility vehicles also require a step up from standard tires in order to traverse rugged terrain. Run flat 12-ply tires are made with a 12 ply premium rubber compound and feature an aggressive tread pattern for extreme durability. They also feature a strong, rigid sidewall that allows them to maintain their form, even when running flat. This means that the tires on your mining utility vehicle will withstand sharp terrain and perform even when pressure falls unexpectedly low.

Descent control

One unique challenge that utility vehicles for mines face is the constant need to descend downward. Doing so, in years past, would require a constant or repeated use of the foot brake. Now, Duraclutch technology with descent control allows vehicle operators to descend gradually without having to keep their feet on the foot brake—even when the vehicle is fully loaded and descending down a steep downward slope.

LED lighting

LED light bulbs last much longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs—anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 hours, in fact. This has made LED lighting perfect for use on mine utility vehicles, which need to have strong and long lasting lighting capabilities. Vision X LED lights, in particular, are known to withstand extreme temperatures, high humidity, and high levels of dust. Today’s mine utility vehicles feature LED whips and LED strobes in addition to typical vehicle lights to make them safer than ever before.

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