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Welcome to Hoffman Manufacturing, Inc.

HMFG offers a wide variety of high quality manufactured products for the Mining, Industrial, and Agricultural industries. All of our products are designed, manufactured, & assembled in the U.S.A. to ensure our customers get the quality product they deserve, all of our Welders are certified by the American Welding Society (AWS).  

Mining Equipment

Our products are perfect for all types of mines, including: coal, titanium, clay, gold, salt, uranium, and more. We offer multiple mine door systems to fit your needs.  Whether you are in the market for a personnel door, bi-fold door system, high pressure door system, or a bulkhead, we’ve got you covered. We also offer mine utility vehicles, scissor lift systems, and custom solutions for your mining equipment.

In addition to mine doors and industrial-quality equipment, we offer a full range of mine door control packages. Using quality electrical equipment and experienced professionals, we can help you install a control system that will keep you connected with the safest mine door practices at all times. We can install time-delay relays, sensors and alarms. We can customize your mine doors to make sure that only one door is allowed to open at a time, to open and close at different speeds, to prohibit closure if there are impediments in the door. All of our electrical systems include NEMA 4 enclosures, the same watertight standard used on ship docks and breweries.

While we offer a range of time-tested standard products that have been useful to many customers throughout the years, we're also a dynamic company who welcomes the opportunity and challenge of custom projects. We understand that different situations will require special personalized construction. We have the materials, the know-how, and the personnel to adapt to your needs and help you develop specialized materials for your project.

We've specialized in underground mining equipment for many years, and we understand the need for high-quality durable materials that will protect your mine, regulate air flow, and provide optimal safety measures for you and your workers.

Agricultural Equipment

HMFG offers high quality agricultural equipment such as track scratchers, fertilizer carts, grain slip tanks, truck beds, bale handling equipment, and more. Our goal is to provide high-quality, durable equipment that will stand up to years of hard use, and provide you with the ability to work most effectively, with minimal maintenance and optimal yield.

We also offer repair and rebuild services for all of your agricultural needs. Our certified welders guarantee quality work in an efficient manner. We can get your machinery back in operation in no time.

Lastly, we have the flexibility and adaptability to help you with any custom project you may have. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and requests. As a family-owned business, we understand that the personal touch is necessary in remaining connected with our industry, and we believe in personalized connections. We welcome the opportunity to create a product that will give you optimum value and assist you in your work to the very best of a machine's ability. Our team of industrial mechanics, welders, and engineers have the expertise needed to create a new product just for you. If you have a custom project, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.

Some of our products and services include:

  • Underground Mine Door Systems
  • Track Scratchers
  • Lube Trailers
  • Custom Mining Equipment
  • Mobile Repair Service
  • Truck & Tractor Mounted Scissor Lifts
  • Custom Agricultural Equipment
  • Line Boring
  • Bore Welding

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