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Tech Advances for Side-by-Side Mine Utility Vehicles

utv headlight

Mining is a notoriously dangerous industry with unique needs in terms of infrastructure, equipment, and safety precautions. Side-by-side utility vehicles, in particular, require a great many special features in order to ensure safety and maintain durability in the course of everyday task work. In years past, mine utility vehicles were simply pickup trucks or bare bones mobile devices used to move people and equipment. Now, mine utility vehicles are in a unique class of their own. Here is a look at how certain technological advances have made today’s mine utility vehicles (specifically side-by-sides) safer and more fit for the workplace than ever before. read more →

Mining Safety Continues to Rise into 2017

mining in tunnel

Mining is a notoriously dangerous industry, and thankfully, many strides have been made in ensuring miner safety in the United States. With the help of modern day mining technology, such as bi-fold door systems, bulkhead systems, and extensive ventilation systems, the mining industry is safer today than ever before. read more →

Lithium on the Rise in the Mining Industry


lithium batteryLithium has seen a remarkable rise in the mining industry as of late, and this is thanks in large part to major tech giants like Apple, Tesla, and Uber. It is being used increasingly for electric cars, mega-batteries, massive energy storage solutions, and more, making it, as states, “the commodity powering the next, undeniable energy revolution.” The price of lithium has even more than tripled this year alone. In short, today’s new lithium explorers could be tomorrow’s barons. read more →

Mining in America’s Past and Future


MiningMany people assume that mining is a thing of the past, and that America’s classic image of the coal miner is over. But it’s not true! Mining is still a vital part of the world’s manufacturing needs, and an essential part of America’s economy. read more →

Mining the Moon


Space explorationUp until now, we’ve depended on the resources of the earth to provide us with everything we need. Well, maybe it’s time for a change. Even though we traveled to the moon over 40 years ago, we still haven’t really explored the resources that are available there. read more →

A Brief History of Mine Lighting


Mining lampMining, and the use of metals and minerals within the earth, has moved societies and civilizations since the beginning of time. After all, we define eras by the metal that molded them: Bronze Age, Iron Age, etc. However, the process of extracting those metals from the earth is a history that isn’t often told. Fraught with the risk of explosions, collapses, and disease, mining has always been a dangerous pursuit. While the progress of mining technology and safety is slow, it’s also full of amazing ingenuity and resourcefulness. For example, the Davy safety lamp. read more →

Our Welders are Certified by the American Welding Society


Certified welderStarted in 1919, the American Welding Society strives to advance the science, tech, and application of the industry of welding and allied joining and cutting processes. It seeks to move the industry forward and inspire the next generation to understand the possibilities offered by the field. read more →

Better Drafting Means Better Manufacturing


Modern draftingDrafting and planning has always been an essential part of the manufacturing process, in order to ensure a precise, well-built product. However, modern technology is allowing us to plan and design as never before.

Hoffman Manufacturing uses 3D CAD technology in order to plan and execute its products. CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design, or Drafting. This technology allows us to plan out every detail during the drafting process. 3D capabilities enable us to flesh out the idea beyond what paper and a draft board will allow. read more →

Making Your Booth Shine at the Farmer’s Market (Part 2)


Family at farmer's marketToday we’re continuing our advice about selling your product at a local farmer’s market. We know that you know your farm, and you know how to manage your land. But many family farms find themselves at a loss when it comes to the marketing side of things. Here are some ideas to get you going:

Invest in Some Modern Tech

Farmer’s markets might conjure up images of the a rustic, down-home, bygone era, but certain items of tech will still save your bacon when the time comes. Customers today expect a certain standard of convenience. Not only will this make the transaction process go smoother and build your customer base, but it will also make you stand out as a smart and modern business. read more →

Making Your Booth Shine at the Farmer’s Market (Part 1)


Marketing your produceNow that the days are longer and your first harvest is in, it’s time to sell your produce at the local farmer’s market. But how can you make sure that you stand out? How can you make enough of a profit that the market booth’s fee is worth it?

Here are a few tips that will help you shine. Check back later for a second post with more tips and advice. read more →