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Tech Advances for Side-by-Side Mine Utility Vehicles

utv headlight

Mining is a notoriously dangerous industry with unique needs in terms of infrastructure, equipment, and safety precautions. Side-by-side utility vehicles, in particular, require a great many special features in order to ensure safety and maintain durability in the course of everyday task work. In years past, mine utility vehicles were simply pickup trucks or bare bones mobile devices used to move people and equipment. Now, mine utility vehicles are in a unique class of their own. Here is a look at how certain technological advances have made today’s mine utility vehicles (specifically side-by-sides) safer and more fit for the workplace than ever before. read more →

Mining Safety Continues to Rise into 2017

mining in tunnel

Mining is a notoriously dangerous industry, and thankfully, many strides have been made in ensuring miner safety in the United States. With the help of modern day mining technology, such as bi-fold door systems, bulkhead systems, and extensive ventilation systems, the mining industry is safer today than ever before. read more →

Lithium on the Rise in the Mining Industry


lithium batteryLithium has seen a remarkable rise in the mining industry as of late, and this is thanks in large part to major tech giants like Apple, Tesla, and Uber. It is being used increasingly for electric cars, mega-batteries, massive energy storage solutions, and more, making it, as states, “the commodity powering the next, undeniable energy revolution.” The price of lithium has even more than tripled this year alone. In short, today’s new lithium explorers could be tomorrow’s barons. read more →

Mining in America’s Past and Future


MiningMany people assume that mining is a thing of the past, and that America’s classic image of the coal miner is over. But it’s not true! Mining is still a vital part of the world’s manufacturing needs, and an essential part of America’s economy. read more →

Mining the Moon


Space explorationUp until now, we’ve depended on the resources of the earth to provide us with everything we need. Well, maybe it’s time for a change. Even though we traveled to the moon over 40 years ago, we still haven’t really explored the resources that are available there. read more →

A Brief History of Mine Lighting


Mining lampMining, and the use of metals and minerals within the earth, has moved societies and civilizations since the beginning of time. After all, we define eras by the metal that molded them: Bronze Age, Iron Age, etc. However, the process of extracting those metals from the earth is a history that isn’t often told. Fraught with the risk of explosions, collapses, and disease, mining has always been a dangerous pursuit. While the progress of mining technology and safety is slow, it’s also full of amazing ingenuity and resourcefulness. For example, the Davy safety lamp. read more →

DIY Diamond Mining – Crater of Diamonds State Park


Sparkling diamondsMurfreesboro, Arkansas is home to a unique mining experience — the Crater of Diamonds State Park.  The Crater of Diamonds is the only place in the world where the general public is allowed to search for diamonds themselves, as well as keep whatever they find.  Common finds include brown diamonds, yellow diamonds, and white diamonds.  Over 75,000 diamonds have been found in the park, and 30,000 have been found by visitors since 1972.  Jasper, Agate, Garnet, amethyst, quartz and other gems have also been found on site.  Within the park, you can have your finds identified, weighed, and certified for free.   read more →

Mining Might Save Argentina’s Economy


A mine entrance in Argentina.Mining is an enormous global industry, and one that is incredibly prevalent in countless countries across the globe. Because of this propensity, many economies have flourished with high mining outputs. One country that might be able to benefit from increased mining over the next few years is Argentina, whose economy has seen only sluggish progress over the past several years. New possibilities on the horizon look to be a good sign for increased mining investment in the country, which could finally push GDP growth to a healthy level for the first time in several years. Here’s some information about how mining might be able to save the Argentinian economy… read more →

Mining Ventilation


A mining shaft door.There are many different factors that go into running a successful mine. It is an industry that has the potential to be incredibly dangerous, especially without a rigorous display of safeguards and practices that are designed to keep miners safe. However, one of the most important parts of mining safety has to do with having proper ventilation. There are a variety of reasons why this is the case, and the implications of what can go wrong if a mine isn’t properly ventilated can be disastrous. Here is some information about mining ventilation… read more →

Biggest Coal Mining States in America


A mining town sits on a hill.Our natural resources are one thing that has allowed America to flourish over its relatively short time in existence. Mining is a huge part of the industry and collection of these natural resources, especially coal, which is one of the biggest resources in the country. However, some states contribute more to our nation’s mining than others. Here is a list of the biggest mining states in America…

*Note that 2005 is the last year with up to date mining statistics on all states.


Wyoming, although the state with the lowest population, is also the number one mining state in the country, currently produces a stunning 338,900 annual tons of coal, as of the year 2005.

West Virginia

The state of West Virginia currently produces 158,257 tons of coal, as of the year 2005.


The state of Kentucky currently produces 130,688 tons of coal, as of the year 2005.


The state of Pennsylvania currently produces 74,619 tons of coal, as of the year 2005.


The state of Texas currently produces 49,498 tons of coal, as of the year 2005.


The state of Montana currently produces 38,352 tons of coal, as of the year 2005.


The state of Illinois currently produces 34,444 tons of coal, as of the year 2005.


The state of Virginia currently produces 32,834 tons of coal, as of the year 2005.

North Dakota

The state of North Dakota currently produces 31,270 tons of coal, as of the year 2005.


The state of Colorado currently produces 429,137 tons of coal, as of the year 2005.


The state of Indiana currently produces 27,965 tons of coal, as of the year 2005.

New Mexico

The state of New Mexico currently produces 27,323 tons of coal, as of the year 2005.


The state of Utah currently produces 26,656 tons of coal, as of the year 2005.


The state of Ohio currently produces 22,269 tons of coal, as of the year 2005.


The state of Alabama currently produces 19,324 tons of coal, as of the year 2005.


The state of Arizona currently produces 13,111 tons of coal, as of the year 2005.