MUV: Mine Utility Vehicle


The MÜV side-by-side utility vehicle by Hoffman Manufacturing, Inc. has been developed specifically for underground mine use. UTV’s provide a great platform for underground transportation, but few are built to withstand the harsh conditions experienced in underground use. We have studied many common failure points and maintenance issues including suspension, rolling assemblies, cargo boxes, and overall ergonomics to develop robust components and solutions for each. The MÜV includes engineered solutions and high quality components to deliver the toughest side-by-side utility vehicle available.

Here is a look at key features:

High durability

This vehicle features highly durable construction—including engineered suspension bushings, fabricated A-Arms, aftermarket wheel bearings, aftermarket ball joints, fabricated body armor, and sealed front hubs—meaning it will withstand even the harshest of underground conditions. A heavy duty cargo box makes easy work of transporting materials and equipment.

Safety features

A variety of features ensure vehicle operators remain safe in underground conditions. Vision-X LED lights, whips, and strobes maximize visibility and make for easy navigation. A reverse-activated backup alarm and horn provide audible alerts to warn nearby workers. After-market clutching with special descent control allows vehicle operators to descend in rough terrain smoothly with minimal brake use.

In addition to our MÜV side-by-side utility vehicle, we also design, build, and integrate custom equipment for mine utility vehicles. Visit our Mine Utility Vehicles page to learn more about our custom build work.

  • Engineered suspension bushings
  • Fabricated A-Arms
  • Automated lubrication system
  • Aftermarket wheel bearings
  • Sealed front hubs
  • Kohler tier 4 diesel
  • Duraclutch w/descent control
  • Vision-X LED lighting
  • Aftermarket ball joints
  • Heavy duty cargo box
  • Master disconnect switch
  • LED whip
  • LED strobe
  • Backup alarm
  • Horn
  • Wheel chocks
  • Run-flat 12 ply tires
  • Fabricated body armor
  • Multiple configurations available
  • 5 lb. ABC Extinguisher

Click image below to download the product brochure.

muv brochure