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Mine Door Systems

Hoffman Manufacturing offers the most robust & versatile Mine Door & Bulkhead systems in the underground mining industry. We offer standard Bi-Fold and High Pressure Door systems as well as rotary and other personnel door options. All of our door systems feature a rigid formed steel frame, seals for minimal air loss, & enclosed headers to protect key components. Our Mine door & Bulkhead systems are engineered to be free standing for locations with excessive ground movement. Numerous configurations are available for Louvers, Booster Fans, Man Doors, etc. Use our Door Configuration tool below to design your door & submit your quote request.

In addition to our high-quality, free-standing mine doors, we offer installation of electrical systems that will ensure the optimum performance quality and safety of your air control systems. Our control packages include time delay systems, door speed control, and photo eye assemblies. We can customize your control system to your needs, all installed with high-quality materials and tested in-house. Our control systems, with associated safety measures, can protect your facility and your workers in case of complications, and contribute to the efficiency of your operation.

We're committed to providing high-quality, specialized resources for underground mining. Our products are manufactured by a variety of specialists who understand the needs and wishes of the modern mining industry. We utilize the latest technology to ensure superior design and quality throughout our manufacturing process. Working closely with our customers, we are always seeking new solutions for complicated problems and taking measures to give optimum safety and long-lasting quality.

Bi-Fold Doors

Our bi-fold doors are a popular option for locations with up to 10” WG pressure. The doors swing both directions and can use either pneumatic or hydraulic actuation.  Bi-fold doors are the most durable rotating system in the industry, and are also the most common type of mine door. Their special design utilizes the natural air pressure to assist opening and closure of the doors. Additionally, the fact that the doors swing in opposite directions maintains an even air pressure in underground environments. Our bi-fold doors feature the most durable rotating assembly that you'll find anywhere in the industry, which ensures long-term value of your investment. A panel spanning the top of the door encloses all essential operation mechanisms in the safest place possible, which means that every door is independently operational. Bi-fold doors withstand about 10" WG pressure, which is sufficient for most situations. However, if higher resistance to pressure is needed, look into our high-pressure door options.

High Pressure Mine Doors

High-pressure door systems can be installed in locations with up to 20” WG pressure.  With this type of system, both doors swing open the same direction.  Each door is custom built to meet the unique requirements of your mine.  The doors are operated with welded hydraulic actuators with built-in load holding valves for optimum safety and efficiency. Doors are fitted with neoprene rubber seals which ensure 1% or less air loss when in the closed position. These high-pressure doors are available in freestanding design, which means optimum flexibility and transportability as your needs and locations change. An enclosed panel topping the door contains all flange bearings, which keeps them safe and secure from accident, wear, and degeneration. High-pressure mine doors can be installed with our door control systems, which give you maximum security and efficiency in your mine. Using only the highest-quality electrical systems, we can enable your doors with safety limit switches, strobes, radar sensors, time delay relays, and more, according to your safety needs.

Personnel Mine Doors

We offer both rotary and sliding personnel doors for easy access into your mine. Rotating personnel doors are sealed with heavy duty bulb style seals, which minimizes air leakage from one section of your mine to another, despite foot traffic. High-quality pillow block bearings rotate the inner ring of the door for long-lasting efficiency. Although our sliding personnel mine doors are an optional feature in both our bi-fold and high-pressure mine door systems, meant to be used in emergencies only, they too feature bulb style seals to minimize possible air leakage.