Certified welderStarted in 1919, the American Welding Society strives to advance the science, tech, and application of the industry of welding and allied joining and cutting processes. It seeks to move the industry forward and inspire the next generation to understand the possibilities offered by the field.

America’s History of Manufacturing

America has a proud heritage of manufacturing – not only as a source of production, but as a mainstay for innovation and advancement. Welding is a vital part of that, enabling flexibility and creativity, as well as solid, reliable construction. After all, think about the ways that the cotton gin, Ford motor cars, and the robotics industry have changed the face of our modern world. Each of these developments required innovative and durable manufacturing, including welding.

Although the past 50 years have seen major fluctuations in the way that we manage manufacturing (namely, outsourcing for the sake of lower prices), American manufacturing is on the rise again. And while many continue to compromise quality for price, we know that excellent manufacturing practices will always win out in the long run.

Certification Ensures Talent and Quality

Our welders here at Hoffman Manufacturing are certified by the American Welding Society, which means that you get the best quality in the country whenever you reach out to our company. Certification requires a broad knowledge of techniques and applications, as well as rigorous testing for standards of quality, safety, and precision.

Additionally, our access to membership in the American Welding Society means that we have educational resources and the inside scoop on all the new developments going on in the industry. This way, you know that you’re always getting a state-of-the-art project experience, using the new developments that are always being discovered and created in the manufacturing industry.

Let Us Help with Your Custom Project

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