Modern draftingDrafting and planning has always been an essential part of the manufacturing process, in order to ensure a precise, well-built product. However, modern technology is allowing us to plan and design as never before.

Hoffman Manufacturing uses 3D CAD technology in order to plan and execute its products. CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design, or Drafting. This technology allows us to plan out every detail during the drafting process. 3D capabilities enable us to flesh out the idea beyond what paper and a draft board will allow.

3D CAD Technology Allows Flexibility and Creativity

What we love about 3D CAD technology is the maneuverability that it allows us. Because the designs are hypothetical and easily changed, we’re given a lot of room to play and experiment with ways to make our products more functional, safe, and efficient.

If you have a custom project that you need done, whether it’s in the field of agricultural production, mining, transportation, or factory production, we can help you.

Better Planning Means Better Manufacturing

Computer-aided drafting allows us to see a potential product from all angles. We can see how all the bits and pieces will fit together, and refine the plans before actually executing them. Adjustment and analysis are an essential part of the manufacturing process, especially when we’re designing a new or customized product.

3D CAD technology isn’t just a cool drawing board. It incorporates considerations like which building materials are used, and how much pressure they’ll be able to hold up to. It can predict the structural integrity of a new product, before it’s even been built and tested. Computer-aided drafting gives us a better idea of what production will cost and include.

Better planning allows us to produce something correctly in the first try, and in the most efficient manner possible. This means better savings for you, and a faster turnover with your product. It also means that we can incorporate your feedback and response better, since you’ll have a better idea of the product before actual manufacture, and will be able to make your comments with more information available to you.

Trust Us for Your Customized Needs

Hoffman Manufacturing has years of experience turning out specialized, custom jobs requested by our clients. We love the opportunity to stretch ourselves and find innovative solutions for your specific needs. Talk to us about your project today!